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AlliSport Land Rover Defender TD5 Exhaust Manifold, Extended Stud Kit and Gasket Package

Brand: AlliSport
Product Code: BUNDLE_EMSKG
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Price: £714.00
Ex Tax: £595.00

Brand new uprated exhaust manifold for all TD5 engined Land Rovers.

New design eliminates warping whilst improving flow characteristics thus reducing heat stress.

Noticeable improvement reducing turbo lag.

Ideal for tuned vehicles but gives a benefit even with standard tuning.

12mm thick cast flanges for super strength

NOTE – This is not a modified standard manifold which will warp again even once the webs are removed!

You can use the original studs with our performance manifold but if you are looking at replacements, we would recommend this performance stud kit. They are rolled, not thread cut so they are stronger and longer with expansion spacers.

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