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Foxwell NT520 Multi System Scanner Land Rover Jaguar Version

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The Foxwell NT520 Pro is the successor to the hugely popular NT510 Pro, and is a low-cost handheld scan tool that offers comprehensive coverage for a single car manufacturer - ideal for specialist garages and car enthusiasts.

Designed for Jaguar and Land Rover cars from around 1999 onwards (models with a 16-pin OBD-II type diagnostic socket), this scan tool allows the user to read and clear the Diagnostic Trouble Codes of all electronically controlled systems, and to reset oil and service lights, plus many more advanced features such as bi-directional component actuations and module coding - usually only seen in high-end professional tools such as the GT80.

This scan tool will also read and erase engine fault codes and show live engine data on EOBD compliant cars (nearly all 2001+ petrol cars and 2004+ diesel cars, from any car manufacturer).

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