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140A Off Road Battery Charger w/ Monitor

Brand: Front Runner
Product Code: ECOM176
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Smartpass 120 (12V) DC-DC Power Management Solution - by CTEK Make sure your vehicle and your onboard equipment have full power. Charges and maintains your service battery using 120A from the alternator. Automatically prioritize critical equipment so radios, emergency lights and navigation systems always have power. CTEK Monitor constantly checks the amount of remaining charge and the length of time until your batteries are discharged. 2-year warranty. D250SA DC-DC Dual Battery Charger - by CTEK Draws energy from alternators, solar panels or wind power. Separates starter and service battery and maximizes the use of the both. Fast, fully automatic 140A battery charging even when driving. Euro 6 Smart alternator compatible Dual input for Euro 6 smart alternators and solar with the built-in solar regulator Battery Guard protects the service battery from total discharge Temperature sensor to optimize charge voltage for hot and cold conditions Input voltage 11,5 23 V DC 14,4/14,7 V charge voltage. Solar panel regulator with Maximum Power Point Tracking. Splash and dustproof (IP65). Dynamic Over Current Protection to handle outputs of up to 350A for up to 10 seconds. 2-year warranty.
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