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Terrafirma alloy bead lock kit (4 wheels - Anthricite)

Brand: Terrafirma
Product Code: TF103
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Set of 4 bead lock rings and bolt kit

The unique bead lock ready outer rim allows the tyre to be fitted conventionally for normal on road, recreational offroad and other activities where normal inflation pressures would be used such as off-road racing. When low tyre pressures are needed and high side loads such as hardcore
off-roading and rock crawling are experienced the tyre can be mounted on the outside of the bead lock ready rim and clamped in place using the Terrafirma bead lock kit.

The Terrafirma bead lock kit is a set of 4 specially machined alloy rings designed to clamp the tyre in place preventing it from being pushed off the rim at very low inflation pressures. The ring is machined in such a way that it centralises the tyre on the wheel so that balancing is possible, something not usually achievable with other bead lock systems. The bead lock ring kit also includes alignment
dowels and a full set of allen key cap head bolts and lock nuts. The bead lock ring is recessed reducing rock damage to the bolt heads. The bead lock rings are powder coated anthracite grey with discreet Terrafirma logos.

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