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We think that the Land Rover Freelander is a cracking vehicle which, with the right maintenance, can serve a family well for many years. The Land Rover Freelander was born as an innovative smaller 4x4 to besold below the Discovery. For 5 years it was Europe’s best selling 4x4.

The Freelander has proved itself as a useful and semi-luxurious SUV which is now being seen more and more in off-road events and challenges.

Land Rover Freelander Model History

Here's a brief Land Rover Freelander history

  • Freelander: 1997-2006, using either petrol(1.8/2.5 litre) or diesel (2.0 litre) engines, coupled with 5-speed automatic or manual gearboxes.
  • Freelander 2: 2007 on, using either a 3.2 litre petrol or 3.2 litre diesel engine, coupled with a 6-speed automatic or manual gearbox.

The 2010 model Freelander combines more sophisticatedemissions technology with enhanced ride and comfort

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