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Red Bison Dual Battery Management System - Gwardar

Brand: Red Bison
Product Code: RB-02
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The Copperhead is a microprocessor controlled dual battery management system (DBMS) and is used in situations where 2 batteries are placed in a vehicle, for example in boats, campers, off road and freight vehicles, service vehicles. The Gwardar can also be used as a voltage-dependent switch. The Gwardaris is a high power mechanical switch that is controlled by a microprocessor. When using two batteries, the microprocessor will monitor the battery voltage on the battery. 

The Gwardar also has the following functions: 

Bidirectional loading 

A unique feature is charging from the optional battery with an external power supply. Connect an external power supply such as a solar panel or a 220 volt battery charger to the 2nd battery. If the battery power of the 2nd battery is at least 7 seconds above the 13.2V (26.4V), the relay will close and the 2nd battery will be placed in parallel with the main battery. As a result, the main battery will be recharged. A great advantage if you stay or stay for a long time. In this case, your starting battery will remain in optimal condition. When the external power is stopped, the voltage drops. If the voltage is at least 60 seconds lower than 12.8V (25.6V), the relay will open, leaving the main battery and accessory battery no longer connected. 


The Gwardar has a startup option. If you connect the startup jack to the Land Rover Defender (White Red wire), the Copperhead will switch the 2nd battery during startup.

Voltage-dependent switch 

In some cases it is desirable that large 12V or 24V consumers can only be used if the dynamo is active. Connect the gwardar as follows: Connect the + of the boot battery with connector 30, connect the earth (minus) to the connector 85 and + of the connector to connector 87. If the engine is running and for a voltage of more than 7 seconds , 2V (26.4V) is recorded by the microprocessor, the Copperhead will provide the connected consumers with voltage.

Protection against overvoltage 

The Gwardar also features surge protection for the 2nd battery and the connected accessories. If the dynamo voltage regulator fails, the charging voltage will increase well above the maximum permitted battery voltage. This may damage the battery and the connected consumers. If the Gwardar registers too high voltage, it will open the relay immediately and prevent unnecessary damage! 

With the Dutch manual, the Gwardar is easy to mount on any vehicle without the need for adjustments to the cable and / or electronics of the vehicle! 

  • Power supply: Automatic detection 12 / 24V 
  • Battery connection: M6
  • Max. Amperage: Continuous 250A / Peak 1500A
  • Other connections: Faston 6.3 mm 
  • Power consumption OFF: 12V = 1.5mA / 24V = 1.5mA 
  • Power Consumption ON: 13.5V = 360mA / 27V = 160mA
  • Minimum load time: 60 seconds 
  • Fast:
  • Cable diameter: 25mm2
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