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Terrafirma alloy bead lock wheel (Anthricite grey)

Brand: Terrafirma
Product Code: TF100
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Price: £130.68

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Super strong 1300kg rating, the unique Terrafirma alloy bead lock wheel allows the tyre to be fitted conventionally for a super strong on or off road wheel. When very low tyre pressures are required where the risk of rolling the tyre off the rim is high then the tyre can be fitted onto the outside of the wheel and retained with the bead lock ring.

90/110/130/D1/RRC 7x16 ET10

Rock crawling, desert racing or enhancing the look of your Land Rover. Terrafirma alloy wheels do all three. This amazing wheel looks fantastic in either brilliant white, stealthy matt black or classy anthracite grey. This super strong and very stylish 6 spoke alloy wheel is rated at 1300kg per wheel and with the unique bead lock ready outer rim provides incredible rock damage resistance and protection for the valve core. Each wheel is supplied with a new set of wheel nuts.

The Terrafirma bead lock alloy wheel is available in 5 x165 PCD which fits Land Rover Defender, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic. The rim width is 7x16 which allows the fitment of 12 inch (300mm) wide tyres. When the tyre is fitted to the outside of the rim and retained with the bead lock rings then it becomes an 8 inch wide rim allowing for slightly wider tyres. The offset is 20mm meaning when both wheels are fitted the vehicle track width is 40mm wider allowing for increased steering lock with taller tyres and improved handling and more planted stocky looks.

These innovative wheels allow the bead locks to be retro fitted so that as your off-roading
goes further so does your equipment.

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