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Top Truck Challenge 2015!

top truck challenge 2015

If you are like us and enjoy offroading, be sure to check out the Top Truck Challenge 2015. Admittedly it is ever so slighly Americanised as it's one of America's most extreme off-road competitions. It makes for a great watch. We've added the entire playlist (1-5). Now so all you've got to do is put the kettle on and enjoy!

The Tank Trap - This is the event most Top Truck Challenge competitors anxiously await—or dread. The Tank Trap is a quarter-mile-long course designed to force each competitor to fight for every inch of forward progress. The Tank Trap is a standard feature at the Hollister Hills SVRA, but for TTC, it’s modified to our specs using heavy equipment and water. As in previous years, Tank Trap (located in a deep, natural valley) has an approximate 195-foot climb in elevation from start to finish. Due to water restrictions from the 2015 California drought, we had to cut back on the number of water holes, though we use the same numbering system as in previous years. A few yards into the course, competitors have to navigate the 5-foot-deep Water Hole 2. From there, they enter the infamous 100-yard-long “Canyon” that contains steep rock walls in excess of 7 feet in height, slippery steep rock waterfalls, nasty ledges, and generally inhospitable terrain. If they make it through the Canyon, it is onto Water Hole 3 and then a series of deep, slippery, dry climbs and descents. Provided they are still moving, they come fact-to-face with the deep, off-camber “Crevice” before dropping into Water Hole 6 and Water Hole 7.

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