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Thomas Performance Ltd, Land Rover Parts and Accessories.

Our LED Accessories range allow you to use our LED products on a range of vehicles and electrical systems.

All Lazer lamps are sold with a pre-wired female connector attached to the male connector of the lamp harness, to allow easy wiring in to your vehicle's system. To further facilitate the integration of the lights into your vehicles electrical wiring system, Lazer has developed a comprehensive range of harness kits suited to the ST/Triple-R, RS, and T range of lights. Other accessories designed to facilitate the fitting.

Piggy-Back Fuse Tap

£4.96 Ex Tax: £4.13

H4 to H13 Headlight / Bulb Adapters

£8.39 Ex Tax: £6.99

H4 Universal LED Anti-Flicker Harnesses

£20.39 Ex Tax: £16.99