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Thomas Performance LED Performance Headlight Loom

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Get the very best from your LED Headlights with our unique plug and play performance LED Headlight loom.

Custom-made and intended to fit all Land Rover Defender models our performance loom is constructed to take the load off of the standard Defender headlight circuitry with A-grade protection and boost the voltage at the lamps resulting in brighter headlights & trouble-free motoring.

Give more power to your LED Headlights!

Well-known for being insufficient, the Defender headlight wiring often causes problems at the switch or dip/dim relay. Our loom is constructed to help prevent this from happening.

Our performance loom boosts the voltage at the lamps and is based on the ‘Swedish Light Amplifier’. Due to the non-illuminated roads and the long dark periods during the winter season, high-voltage lamps are often used in Scandinavia for extra lighting. Due to the high power of these lamps, the standard power supply via the standard circuit is insufficient.

Our performance loom comes fully assembled and ready for placement in any Defender. All connections are insulated to prevent damage, the set is equipped with ceramic H4 connectors and the power supply is equipped with a separate fountain proof fuse holder (including fuse).

Because of its unique design, the loom is applicable to both old series and new Puma vehicles and everything in between without any adjustments required to the original loom.

  • Improved Headlight illumination
  • Protection of Headlight switch
  • 40A in-line Fuse fitted
Jonathan E on 10-07-2020 11:49 AM
Was a little skeptical at first, bough thought I'd give it a go, and at the very least it protects the switch..Wow, this really works..My lights are just that next-level brighter!!
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