UNVEILING:The New ADV Generation 02 LED Headlights Available now!

Thomas Performance Ltd, Land Rover Parts and Accessories.

Our High Performance LED headlights are specifically designed for use with Land Rover Defenders and are priced in pairs.

We have a range of Land Rover Defender LED headlights all of which are IP67 rated. Simply put; they are water/dust proof and can withstand being submerged underwater for 30 minutes without damage.

With our range of headlight styles we're more than sure you will find the right LED Defender headlight upgrade for you. Our Defender headlight conversions couldn't be any simpler, simply remove your existing headlights and install our LED headlights to the standard fixings, adjust and away you go. So why not add some smart new LED lights to your Defender. Durable polycarbonate lens & die-cast aluminium housing provide maximum protection when on and off-road.

Land Rover Defender LED Headlights (6500K)

£282.00 Ex Tax: £235.00

Land Rover Defender LED EVO Headlights

£294.00 Ex Tax: £245.00

Land Rover Defender LED EVO Headlights Chrome

£294.00 Ex Tax: £245.00

Land Rover Defender LED EVO Headlights with DRL

£306.00 Ex Tax: £255.00

Additional Information for Defender LED Lights

Our replacement Defender LED Headlights fit directly to the standard Land Rover headlamp bowls/rings. No need to modify or drill any holes, our LED lighting is simply plug and play. Our range of LED headlights offer outstanding performance, and are more reliable than standard Land Rover Halogen bulbs and much more efficient.

If you're contemplating a led headlight conversion for your Defender, why not increase your lumen output further & check out our LED Sidelight & Tail Lamp upgrades too. Our Defender LED Sidelights are manufacturer by WIPAC and really help modernise any Land Rover Defender.

For photo's of our Defender LED Headlights as fitted to customers cars, take a look at our Instagram page. Dont take our word for it, see how FunRover blog summarised our Defender LED Headlights in a recent blog post.