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Dynamat Xtreme for your Defender - Part 1.

Noise is simply undesirable sound. Why tolerate it in your Land Rover?

A car is inherently noisy, especially a Land Rover Defender. It is a rolling sheet metal box powered by explosions, travelling on pothole and crack infested roadways. An expensive installation of high quality audio equipment has potential for exceptional sound quality. This potential is easily reduced by half when the equipment has no reinforcement behind it from a product like Dynamat Xtreme. Or if you simply want to cut down on road noise.

A noisy in-vehicle environment will masque an incredible amount of music being played on any given system. You have to double your wattage to get a possible 3 dB gain in amplitude, but no amount of amplifiers or electronics can recover the lost sound (music) below the noise floor. We have all experienced the lowering of the level of noise when we pull of the motorway. The reduction of speed results in a reduction of noise. The sound system suddenly sounds much louder! in essence, we just vastly improved the listening environment and therefore the entire system - A liberal application of Dynamat to the vehicle will produce a similar result.

Dynamat can typically reduce road noise by 3-15 decibels. Every vehicle and every installation is different and the starting level of noise has an effect on the amount of reduction.

Part 2 coming next week. In the meatime check out our Dynamate Xtreme range here.