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Dynamat Xtreme for your Defender - Part 2.

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The sound system in any given vehicle is itself, a noise producer. The speakers are energised by the signal causing airborne sound and structural vibration. If the immediate environment and surrounding structure of the speaker is not sufficiently solid and non resonant, two types of resonance can then occur, sympathetic and harmonic. These both drastically reduce the sound quality in two ways.

The resultant sound is caused by the system and not part of the original signal, not music. Additionally the resonance is heard after the initial signal. Sympathetic and harmonic distortion muddies the sound. The difference in a proper professional car audio installation and a poorly done installation is the materials and techniques used to address the inherent faults of any given vehicle. Dynamat was created to make this part of an audio installation simple and easy. A layer of Dynamat will reduce or eliminate the resonance/distortion from your Land Rover. Special attention should be paid to the areas in closest proximity to the speakers!

Back Wave Distortion

The next issue to resolve is the distortion caused by the back wave bouncing back at and through the speaker. Most speaker mounting areas in a vehicle (doors) are shallow and parallel to the 'back wall'. This causes a second signal bounce of information and can alter the speaker cone efficiency. Reflecting sound means you hear 'multiples' of that sound. This back wave distortion is easily eliminated by a layer of Dynaliner on the back wall of the speaker area or enclosure. Dynaliner is formulated to cushion the sound waves, sufficiently reducing the energy so as to not allow back wave distortion. Also, Dynaliner will provide additional noise reduction and thermal insulation. Dynaliner is best used as a second layer over Dynamat Xtreme. They work together for a cooler and quieter ride!

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