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Defender 110 Galvanised Chassis

If you’re considering a chassis swap on your Land Rover 110 due to rust, you’ve probably heard of, or have been recommended a galvanised chassis.

All Defenders that left the Land Rover factory were built on steel chassis’s with very little in the form of paint protection and thus, they’re prone to rust. 

It’s common for both early and late model Defenders to warrant the need of a chassis swap. People tend not to replace their Defender chassis with OEM steel units due to this, but rather seek out galvanised chassis options.

In short; galvanising is one of the most widely used methods for protecting steel from corrosion.

It is the application of a thin coating of Zinc at extremely high temperatures, performed over the surface of the steel to form a protective barrier. It is this barrier that protects the steel from external elements that cause corrosion.

We have available several galvanised chassis options suitable for your Defender 110 in both Right hand drive and Left hand drive variants.

We stock galvanised chassis’s from the likes of Marsland, Richard Chassis Limited and more recently Bearmach’s own brand chassis which offer customers an affordable option that will last the lifetime of the vehicle. 

There are several benefits to a galvanised chassis. As well as increasing the value of the vehicle, you can be safe in the knowledge that the underbody of your vehicle is less prone to rust and you can be confident in the structural integrity of your Defender 110 come MOT time.

All galvanised Defender 110 chassis that we stock are hand made to exacting specifications by time served fabricators. We have several options available including heavy duty (3mm thick steel), heritage and OEM style chassis. Chassis suitable for 200/300tdi, TD5 and later Puma model Defenders. 

Feel free to get in touch with your requirements for a freight/postage cost to your address/preferred garage.