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LED Headlight Condensation. Does condensation affect the performance of my LED lights?

Condensation or moisture behind the lens are all things we may see over time with any LED and lighting. At Thomas Performance we stand behind our LED range of products and want to further create awareness about LED Headlight condensation, which is a naturally occurring condition typically occurs during the wet winter months. Just a note that condensation is not a defect and does not qualify as a warranty claim.  Condensation does not affect the performance of your LED light.

Condensation is the change of the physical form of water from a gas to a liquid resulting in small droplets of water on the inside of a light on the lens.  When our lights are manufactured and sealed, from time to time there are small amounts of air which could contain water in a gas form that is sealed with the light. Our lights are designed to accommodate this condition by helping this trapped moisture escape as weather and temperature changes occur.  The amount of time it takes for condensation to dissipate depends on the environmental conditions including weather and humidity. 

Your original halogen headlights run much hotter than LED which helps evaporate the condensation in lights. We manufacture lights that are sealed and have a built-in breather membrane that allows the flow of air in and out to dissipate condensation, but does not allow water ingress (water leaking into a light). Many of our LED lights are designed as sealed lights with a breather membrane but as LEDs run much cooler it could take more time for condensation to dissipate.

In the rare occurrence where water ingress and leaking is occurring and you have a significant amount of water entering a light or housing, please contact us so we can investigate and help you with your light.

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