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Adrenalin 4x4 Radius Arms

When a coil sprung Land Rover is lifted the caster angle of the front axle is changed. The effect this can have is vagueness and the lack of self-centring of the steering. For trucks with suspension lifts we recommend fitting caster corrected radius arms to return the steering to the correct geometry. We have a range of sizes and degrees of correction available. We have 2 sizes available, early narrow type (38mm) to fit DEF up to approximately 1992 or RRC up to approximately 1986 or later wider type (44mm), to fit all DISCO1’s, DEF from approximately 1992 onwards and RRC models from approximately 1986 onwards, each available in 3 different castor options, standard, 3 degree for 2/3 inch lift or 6 degree castor corrected for 4/5 inch lift.

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