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Land Rover Defender 2.2TDCi VGT Hybrid Turbo

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The updated Defender Puma 2.2 TDCi updated hybrid turbo is designed to give more torque than the standard turbo, The standard turbo is quite small in comparison to our updated Hybrid VGT which means it runs out of puff quite low in the rpm range. The updated hybrid turbos main aim is to widen the torque curve over the standard turbo to help with mid range and top end power. The turbo allows a more free revving engine, stronger mid range power delivery and a nicer overall drive.

This turbo is designed to work with a correctly matched to turbo flow remap on the car car. With the correct remapping and sundries attached you can expect power upto 180-190bhp & 470-500Nm (cars may vary in final power output depending on climate use in and the modification it has) also while offering a wider usable torque delivery curve compared to standard. This turbo MUST be fitted in conjunction with a free flowing larger performance intercooler and can NOT be used with a restricted air intake.

All our turbo chargers are designed and made by Turbo Technics, who specialize in automotive turbochargers and associated turbo equipment. Turbo Technics are a world-class company acting as consultants to many car manufactures who use their turbo re manufacturing facility for many car brands including JLR, which gives us the edge with our specially made Hybrid turbos as we know that they are built correctly and come from the same factory which Land Rover use for their own re manufactured turbos!

As with all cars, BAS advise you follow a strict maintenance regime as advised by your car manufacturer, a correctly applied maintenance regime can make a difference to performance, reliability and in some cases economy. We advise you use genuine brand Landrover parts for all your maintenance. Changing the oil and filters on an even more regular basis than scheduled can also help towards a longer lasting healthier running engine.
We insist on a non restrictive air intake or induction system and an up rated performance intercooler with a minimum core size made up of at least 17 tubes at 62x8mm (Excluding bar & plate cores) to help maintain correct flows and a cooler charge temperatures when cars are worked hard or for long periods, worked at high rpm or speeds as well as used in hot country’s or conditions. High exhaust gas temperatures and air intake temperatures can reduce the life of the engine and related components if low temperatures are not maintained.

We insist on all turbo charger installations you fit new engine oil and oil filter as well as a new oil feed pipe when making your installation. We also do not advise fitting with snorkels or restricted air intakes.

Look after your car and it will look after you!

Warning – The fitting of any performance part or power upgrade may affect the vehicle warranty and/or alter the vehicle type approval. For more information please contact your local Land Rover dealer. Also, we advise you to inform your insurance company if fitting any none standard parts or power upgrades.

A hybrid is not a factory standard turbo and is designed for high performance use, it carry’s a three month strict limited “Hybrid Turbo” return to base warranty only. Proof of expert fitting and the oil an filter change done when fitting may be needed for warranty claims.

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