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Silent Coat 2mm Mat Volume Pack - 20 Sheets

Brand: Silent Coat
Product Code: SIL-MAT-VOLUME
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Silent Coat 2mm Damping Mat uses mass loading to lower panel resonance and absorb structural vibrations, converting them into low level heat. Stop those nasty rattles, eliminate road and outside noise, insulate your vehicle and dramatically improve the sound of your car interior.

Silent Coat Damping Mat is a polymeric based damping material with a supercharged adhesive. With an Aluminum surface and a unique military-grade composition, it has been proven to be extremely efficient at the conversion of vibration to thermal energy. Silent Coat is very flexible which is very important as it allows it to properly adhere to a contoured panel. It can be installed anywhere in your vehicle including under the bonnet.

With military grade construction and highly effective damping, Silent Coat Damping Mat is already the choice of many automotive professionals.

  • Silent Coat Damping Mat
  • 2mm Thickness
  • Butyl Based Construction
  • Mastic High Adhesive
  • 0.1mm Aluminium Top Panel
  • Special Deep Tension Anti Resonance Top
  • Sheet size 375 x 270 mm
  • Weight 3kg/sq.m

Volume Pack: 20 sheets, 21 sq.ft, (2 sq.m)

  • Soft and easy to use
  • No nasty ashfelt tar smell unlike inferior bitumen products
  • Military grade adhesive stays stuck even in extreme temperatures
  • Non flammable 
  • Contains no bitumen
  • Unbeatable cost to performance ratio
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