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Land Rover Defender Dual Odyssey Battery PC1500DT

Brand: Terrafirma
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D44 Defender Dual Battery Tray and Two Odyssey PC1500 Batteries to suit all Defender models up to 2006.

A simple, elegant solution to fitting twin batteries to a Land Rover Defender (suits all models upto 2006 Td5 vehicles).

The D44 battery tray comes complete with fixing brackets and clamping assembly to hold the batteries securely. This will take 2 x Odyssey PC1500 or 2 x Optima sized batteries. This carrier does not accept the original Land Rover battery.

For any situation where you need to depend on your vehicle, having batteries which will perform faultlessly is vital. Using advanced battery technology and built to the toughest military specifications, Odyssey batteries provide a unique combination of deep-cycle and high-current performance.

Using Absorbed Glass Mat technology, pure lead plates and a class-leading multi-tab internal design, the Odyssey gives unparalleled, consistent power delivery across the range.

Having incredibly low internal resistance means that the Odyssey range can be charged quickly from deep discharge, and will give better deep-cycle capability than the competition... over 50% better than it's best-known rival.

Low resistance also means that the Odyssey delivers cranking current like no other.

The 5 second rate from Odyssey means that even the smallest batteries can be employed on large engines, and sustained high-power requirements such as winching are easily handled without the risk of damage to the battery.

Toughness is built into every Odyssey battery at every stage of production. Pure lead plates support absorbed electrolyte giving a 'dry', leak-free sealed unit. Designed to military specifications, the Odyssey is vibration resistant and will deliver its power in extremes of temperature from the frozen wastelands to the arid desert.

The batteries are even designed to provide starting current at 70% depth of discharge, so you really can depend on your Odyssey !
One of the most popular batteries in the range, the PC1500 suits many applications for deep cycle and heavy current applications.
The added bonus of side terminals increases the flexibility of the battery in many different installations.

* 1500 cranking amps
* 68 Ah capacity
* Standard automotive terminals and additional side terminals
* W 275.6 x D 171.7 x H 198.6 mm


  • 1500 cranking amps
  • 68Ah capacity
  • Standard automotive terminals and additional side terminals
  • W275.6 x 171.7H x 198.6mm
  • 22.4Kg
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