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Steering Dampers

A steering damper is a shock absorber for your steering, all live axle Land Rovers are fitted with a steering damper to control vibrations and feedback caused by large diameter tyres. The larger the tyres the more work the steering damper has to do.

Terrafirma Steering Dampers are considerably larger with almost twice the fluid capacity than the original Land Rover units and significantly reduce shimmy on rough surfaces as well as the likelihood of the steering wheel being jerked out your hands off road. Terrafirma steering dampers smooth out the steering action from lock to lock without restricting steering return speed and improving driver comfort and reducing fatigue.

All Terrafirma steering dampers have multi stage damping and use the latest cellular foam technology for superior performance and are painted in the traditional Terrafirma silver metallic finish with blue dust shield.

How to make a steering damper more effective without hampering the smooth lock to lock movement? What about increasing the damping ratio and adding a coil-over spring? This amazing steering damper is a revelation, quite simply the Terrafirma RTC (return to centre) steering damper out performs all conventional steering dampers hands down!

The fact is when very large tyres are fitted or when you run consistently low tyre pressures even the best steering dampers fail to cope, feedback through the steering wheel increases and returning the steering wheel to centre becomes hard work. Not to mention the effort required to make quick direction changes.

Fit a Terrafirma RTC (return to centre) steering damper and feel the difference instantly, the coil-over spring compresses and stretches from lock to lock dramatically reducing the return to centre effort, the spring also works in harmony with the damper eliminating shimmy and vibration.

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