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Lifted Air to Coil Conversion Kits

The EAS or Electronic Air Suspension systems fitted to P38 Range Rovers and the rear of the Discovery 2 can be expensive to repair and not especially reliable when heavily laden. Eliminating costly electronic component, air spring and compressor replacements coil spring conversions offer a reliable and economical repair or upgrade. When fitted with the relevant coil springs significantly increased load carrying can be achieved.

All P38 Range Rovers manufactured between 1995 and 2002 were fitted with air suspension, at the time this system was regarded as state of the art and offered high levels of comfort and the ability to self-level when loaded or when towing. The P38 has generally stood the test of time and as with all Land Rovers has a loyal band of supporters keeping them roadworthy and in good shape. The cost of repairing sophisticated systems can sometimes become unviable but with the Terrafirma Air to Coil conversion kit all the potential expense is dealt with in one go. The coil springs have been developed as an Heavy Duty package giving a 1” lift and a greater capacity for increased load.

The kit includes fitting instructions, everything necessary to isolate the electronics, eliminate unwanted dash lights and all the hardware required to convert from air springs to coil springs.

It is recommended that new Terrafirma shocks are also fitted for best results so for your convenience additional part numbers have been produced that include shock absorbers.

The Discovery 2 only has air suspension fitted to the rear, primarily to provide self-levelling for carrying additional load and for towing. Its limitations are easily reached when heavily loaded hitting bumps and pot holes. Air bags can burst leaving the vehicle sitting on its bump stops miles from home. It is standard practice to remove the air suspension and fit heavy load coil springs when preparing Discovery 2s for expedition purposes. There are a number of load carrying and shock type & length options to chose from with each kit including either 2" lift rear springs or both front and rear springs.

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