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Coil Springs

The purpose of a vehicle's suspension is to support the weight of the vehicle and absorb impacts, maximising the tire's contact with the ground while maintaining stability and control. When using a Land Rover off road the limits of the standard suspension are quickly realised when the lack of wheel travel affects traction and ultimately the vehicle's ability to maintain forward motion.

The added benefits of long travel suspension are exponential. Taller suspension allows larger tyres to be fitted as well as allowing greater suspension movement. Raising the suspension will also increase approach, departure and ramp over angles allowing your Land Rover to overcome larger obstacles.

The majority of Terrafirma Coil Springs are designed to lift the vehicle by approximately 2” (50mm).This is the optimum increase in ride height before the mechanical limitations of the suspension design become an issue requiring further modifications. Safety has to be a consideration, raising the centre of gravity too high increases the risk of a roll over. A vehicle lifted by 2” (50mm) using correctly matched Terrafirma Coil Springs and shocks will also improve on road handling, comfort and stability from the original set up.

To cover the widest range of applications Terrafirma provides a selection of Heavy Load standard ride height springs specifically for Land Rover Defenders and also to cater for the latest trend of fast road styling a range of standard rate lowered coil springs are also available. These combined with any of the standard travel Terrafirma shocks give a ‘squat’ appearance and remarkable road manners with suitable road biased tyres.

Terrafirma Coil Springs are made from the highest quality steel, formed on accurate computer controlled mandrels and precisely heat treated to ensure consistent manufacture.  All springs are shot peened to relieve stress and scragged to ensure long spring life and prevent sag, finally powder coated silver for long lasting good looks.

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