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Shock Absorbers

Terrafirma offers the widest range of shock absorbers specifically for Land Rover vehicles including the All Terrain, Pro Sport, 4 Stage Adjustable, Extreme LT, Big Bore Expedition, Commercial HD and Remote Reservoir as well as the universal fit Mega Sport, Air Shocks and Hydraulic bump stops which require special Terrafirma or custom made mounting kits. The selection of the most suitable shocks for your application is simplified using the following descriptions and data.

It’s worth remembering a shock absorber, even when charged with Nitrogen gas does not help support the vehicle. However Terrafirma shocks significantly improve stability and handling especially with the high spring rates required for heavily loaded vehicles. It is a myth that a shock designed in a certain way will be better off road than on road, not entirely so. Typically a better shock is a better shock. The attributes required for a shock to perform well carrying heavy loads on corrugated roads or to withstand continual high impacts and still allow extreme articulation will all contribute to safer and better road manners.

Correct selection of replacement shock absorbers is critical in maintaining or improving your Land Rover’s suspension. Shocks provide stability when cornering and braking, they maintain safe handling characteristics when driven hard, while towing and when heavily loaded. They also eliminate bounce and vibration improving driver and passenger comfort. Extended travel shocks allow for greater axle movement making sure the tyres stay in contact with the ground for maximum traction and control.

From heavy load carrying and towing to extreme rock crawling, from fast trail and winding roads to long distance endurance rallies, Terrafirma has a shock to suit all applications ranging from standard length to as much as 5” (125mm) longer.

Terrafirma shock absorbers are designed to increase the performance of your Land Rover in all conditions by improving damping ratios, dimensions and specifications as well as shock travel. Terrafirma shocks are guaranteed to be stronger and better performing, keeping wheels on the ground even in extreme terrain.

Terrafirma shocks are proven in extremes, with temperatures from -30 in Russia to +40 in Africa, from occasional off road to punishing hard core competitions, fast tar roads to suspension battering dirt roads and from un-laden to over laden. Terrafirma has the shock for any use in any conditions.

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