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Suspension Hardware

There is one thing that is paramount to safe and successful off road driving...... Traction! keeping the tyres in contact with the ground is essential to maintain forward motion. While Land Rover can claim class leading off road suspension straight out of the box even keen amateur off roaders quickly reach the limits of wheel travel and lose momentum with wheels in the air fighting for grip.

Terrafirma Suspension Hardware is a range of chassis and suspension accessories designed to considerably improve your off road driving experience. Increasing wheel travel or axle articulation with stability and balance is the key moving forward in really rough terrain. Momentum can carry you through in some instances but when the rocks get bigger and ruts get deeper you simply can’t always go faster to keep going forward. The logical first step to increasing wheel travel is fit longer springs and shock absorbers but there are implications that can affect safety, performance and reliability. Within the Terrafirma Suspension hardware range there are accessories specifically designed to tackle problems such as tyre to body clearance, shocks topping and bottoming out, dislocating coil springs, steering geometry and driveline angles etc to ensure your Land Rover performs beyond expectation.

Terrafirma Suspension Hardware hardware allows you to customise the performance of your Land Rover's suspension. Constant development, testing and customer feedback ensures every product is 'fit for purpose' allowing you to drive further in all conditions on all types of terrain, from recreational off road to hard core competitions.

All items are supplied in pairs or as a kit with nuts, bolts and washers as required and can be fitted by a workshop technician or competent DIY mechanic.

Care must be taken when customising your suspension to make sure the suspension works freely throughout full articulation, check that brake lines are long enough and that steering geometry and driveline angles are not adversely affected.

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