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Front Turrets and Securing Rings

TF502 Front shock turret securing rings

The original front shock turret securing rings are somewhat frail and the threaded studs are often not long enough to adequately secure heavy duty or tubular front shock turrets such as TF503 & TF504. Terrafirma front shock turret securing rings are much stronger and use longer high tensile studs to reliably attach replacement turrets including Terrafirma front twin shock turrets TF514

TF503 and TF504 Tubular front shock turrets

Tubular front shock turrets are stylish, much stronger and less liable to rusting through than the original pressed steel cone type and they also allow you to show off your Terrafirma shocks!
Available in standard height TF504 or lowered height -2” (-50mm) TF503 which allow more suspension drop out with standard length shocks. Lowering your shocks can reduce the amount of

upward or compression movement and may require the fitment of bump stop spacers TF515 and/or extended bump stops GAL146R or GAL147R

TF522 +2” Extreme long travel skeleton front shock turrets     

These strong and stylish fabricated front shock turrets are ideally suited to the TF122LT Terrafirma Extreme long travel shock absorbers and are necessary to prevent the +5” travel shock from bottoming out on full compression and making the most of these amazing shocks.

TF534 Skeleton front shock turrets

A great way to show off your Terrafirma shock absorbers, Terrafirma skeleton front shock turrets are stronger than original and not prone to rusting, specifically made for the Discovery 2.

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