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FAQ - Troubleshooting

I connected my light to my 4x4 and it doesn’t work. Now what?

Several items could be preventing the lights from working properly. The following can help you in troubleshooting and working out the diagnosis. Try connecting the wires of the lights directly to a fully charged car battery. If the light works then there is a problem between the battery connection and the light. Potential problems can include; a faulty switch, faulty relay, insufficient wire gauge and improper grounding.

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Expanding Product Range

We're continually expanding our product range with new & improved products and we've recently added a couple more LED spotlights to our listings.

As with everything we do we purposefully stock what we fit to our own vehicles to ensure that what we stock is of excellent quality and longevity. Therefore you can be rest assured that any of our products will be a positive reflection of either your company fleet or personal vehicle.

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Lighting Terms & Phrases - What does it all mean?

Quick Guide

  • Watt: the end power output of a light source
  • Lumen: total visible light output of a light source
  • Lux: the amount of visible light falling on a surface

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Top Truck Challenge 2015!

top truck challenge 2015

If you are like us and enjoy offroading, be sure to check out the Top Truck Challenge 2015. Admittedly it is ever so slighly Americanised as it's one of America's most extreme off-road competitions. It makes for a great watch. We've added the entire playlist (1-5). Now so all you've got to do is put the kettle on and enjoy!

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Long Live the King - Last Look at the Defender Production Line

The last ever Land Rover Defender has rolled off the production line in Solihull, ending 67 years of manufacturing history. 

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Latest News

Jaguar Land Rover reveals the new Defender V8 'Bond Edition'

Outfitters SV Bespoke will build just 300 of the Defender V8 Bond Edition, inspired by this years 007 film ‘No Time To Die’.

As the new 2021 Bond film nears its official launch, Land Rover has unveiled a Special Edition Defender featuring a unique package of extras. Created by Land Rover’s SV Bespoke division, the 518bhp V8 Bond Edition is based upon the Defender V8 and can be ordered in either 90 or 110 body styles.

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Land Rover Defender Nolden Bi-LED Headlights

nolden led headlights blog

First and foremost welcome to Thomas Performance Ltd. We specialise in LED Lighting solutions for the application of Land Rover Defenders and other marques. We supply top brand LED Lighting solutions.

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