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Land Rover Dynaliner - A Thermal Insulation Barrier

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What is Dynaliner I hear you ask? Dynaliner is made from a synthetic rubber combined with a tightly packed, gas-filled closed cell structure. This allows for zero air infiltration! Dynaliner is also 100% water and oil resistant - perfect for use on your Land Rover! Together with Dynamat Xtreme, Dynaliner works to keep your Land Rover cool, quiet and comfortable - ish!

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NEW Lazer Lamps Utility Series LED Lighting

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We're pleased to advise the first of the Utility-80 work lamps are making their way off the production line and are now available to order.

Comprising the same heavy-duty aluminium casing and interchangeable lens options, the Utility-80 shares the same physical characteristics on the outside as the Utility-45 work lamp, but inside upgraded electronics alongside 4x 20Watt high density LEDs, deliver incredible lighting performance contradicting the lamps relatively diminutive size.

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Ultimate Adventure 2016

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Last year we we posted about Ultimate Adventure 2015, and it's back again this year. Every year the trip is in a different region, and the adventure consists of a thousand-mile road trip with a killer four-wheel trail thrown in almost every day. You get to live out of your rig and cook, camp, and enjoy this great country with like-minded guys for a week in the summer, usually the beginning of July.

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VisionX LED Headlights available in the UK

Stand out from the crowd with our VisionX Vortex LED Headlights. The VisionX Vortex headlights boast halo, low, and high beam modes with a robust aluminum poly-carbonate hybrid housing, both E-marked and DOT approved and can be used in any part of the world. 

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Importance of Land Rover Oil Changes

If you self service your Land Rover we have in-stock all the key components and model specific packages ready for you.

Friction caused by metal rubbing against metal generates heat, and metal expands when it heats up. For typical combustion engines, multiple pistons work together at extreme temperatures in air-tight cylinders to generate the drive to propel the vehicle. To minimise damage to the engine, it is vital that the engine is cooled and that friction is minimised. 

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